Newsletter 120 Summer 2016

 “….who exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped the creature, rather than the creator.”

As we draw near to the end of this age we are to expect a flood of evil. Man will prefer to listen to human wisdom, which is in reality guided by Satan, than to the wisdom of God. If we understand that the Bible says what it means and means what it says there is no doubt about the character of the present age from beginning to end. There will be wars and rumours of wars …. famines, pestilence and earthquakes. The gospel will be preached to the world in troubled times.

It is not for the church to build the kingdom of God on earth. That will come when Jesus Christ returns. We are called to be faithful witnesses despite the opposition of the world. Troubled times and tribulation are our expectation.

In the past Trumpet Sounds has described Christian activity in the political realm as fighting a rear guard action to hold on to what ground we can. It is the holding back of the flood of evil while accepting that many battles will be lost. But it is possible that some battles will be won and some victories gained. Therefore it was a great encouragement to hear that the Supreme Court has ruled the Scottish ‘Named Person’ Scheme as unlawful.  Opposition to the scheme was led by the Christian Institute.

Under the scheme, all children in Scotland would have been allocated a ‘Named Person’, such as a teacher or health worker, to act as a state-appointed guardian. The nominated individual would have been given access to the child’s confidential records and be expected to report any concerns to the police.

The Court stated that the data sharing provisions of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act breach the right to a private and family life under article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). The Act would have allowed sensitive information about the family to be widely shared without the parent’s or the child’s knowledge. Especially vulnerable to the provisions of the Act would be those who did not share the State’s view of the world.

The Scottish government will have to amend the Act to ensure that families do not suffer from unwarranted invasion of their privacy by the State. Pray that instead of amendment the scheme is scrapped.

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Created in the image of God



Fall of Babylon part 5


Another referendum and another crisis for Europe

Islam and the new UK Prime Minister

The Rapture Verdict

Boris Johnson

Tolerance and outdated virtue

Water Apartheid

Celebrating Satan in the heart of Europe.

Created in the image of God

“ the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one.” 1 John 5: 19

If a person is not a follower of Jesus Christ they will be susceptible to the lies of the evil one. We have seen this in the UK with an outgoing Prime Minister identifying the legalising of Gay Marriage as the achievement of which he was most proud. A Cabinet Minister was recently praised announcing that she was in a same sex relationship. The Gay agenda is taught as normal in schools. The United Reformed Church has approved same sex marriages being conducted in its churches. Many within the other established denominations, being anxious to appease the world, will fall into line.

When God created man it was in His own image. That does not mean that man was endued with the creative powers of God. Man is not omniscient and can never be omnipresent. The clue to our being in the image of God is found in the wording of Genesis 1: 26 to 27. “Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; ………… So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” 

A plural God creates man in His both plural and singular image. He creates him, which is singular as male and female which is plural. Later in Genesis 2 woman is created from man emphasising their oneness. Just as the Father and the Son are also one. Following the creation of woman Genesis 2: 24 adds; Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.”

Man and woman were created to live in perfect harmony. Two people both distinct and at the same time one who would be the image and representation of God in His creation. They would express the unity of God who is also both one and more than one. The first chapter of the Bible informs us that God is a Trinity. Man was also to be a Trinity, male and female with God as the third person.

From the beginning Satan has attacked the divine image of man. In the Garden of Eden as well as rebellion he sowed division. It is not surprising that as the rebellion against God reaches its climax the most important defining characteristic of man is under attack. The blurring of the distinction between man and woman is rebellion against man’s divine image.

The business of the church is to reconcile men and women to God. It is not possible to be both reconciled and in rebellion at the same time. That is why the Christian Church can never bless same sex relationships. They are an outward expression of inward rebellion.


On the 18th July the global media broadcast that a coup was in progress in Turkey. Tanks were on the streets. Parliament and the presidential palace had been bombed. By the next morning it was reported that the coup had failed. Western politicians were quick to condemn the rising against an elected government. What has followed calls into question whether things were really what they seemed.

Turkey has in the past had two successful military coups which toppled its government. Speaking on BBC News, Ziya Meral, of the Centre for historic analysis and Conflict Research said that the coup failed due to: lack of public support, not enough soldiers, no support in the administration and legal authorities and no clear aims.

The exiled opposition leader Fethullah Gulen although accused of organising the coup claimed no prior knowledge. He thought that it could have been staged.

President Erdogan has used the coup as a pretext to consolidate his power. He has imposed a state of emergency giving him powers to act without consulting parliament. Thousands have been purged from the military, civil service and judiciary. It was already dangerous to voice any criticism of Erdogan. Now it will be impossible. To their cost, in the last two years, 1,845 journalists, writers and critics have discovered that criticising Erdogan is a crime in Turkey.

The ineffectiveness of the coup attempt raises the question of it being staged. In a real coup the first objective is to neutralise the existing leadership. With this coup the rebels had the opportunity to shoot down Erdogan’s plane. They didn’t. Many of the soldiers involved thought that they were part of a military exercise. Lists of those who were to be purged had been prepared before the coup.

The purged include: 6000 military personnel arrested with a number of generals awaiting trial, 9,000 police officers sacked and nearly 3,000 judges suspended. Numerous civil servants, education workers and university deans were also sacked.

After the coup Joel Richardson wrote, “Many have been noting the similarities of the failed Turkish coup with the infamous Reichstag fire, which Adolph Hitler used as an excuse to purge his government of any potential dissenters. The comparison seems entirely fair.”

By removing the remnant of an opposition Erdogan is a step nearer to his dream of becoming the new Caliph.

Answers in Prophecy 

The meetings are held at Crawley New Life Church, The Glade, Furnace Green, Crawley, RH10 6JL. The speakers will be Philip Wren and Jim Cottington. Sessions will run from 7.00 pm to 8.45 pm on Saturday evenings and generally be in two parts.

 This autumn we will start a series of studies in the book of Revelation. This will be a twelve part series covering the whole book. The other session will be on a topical or prophetic theme as listed below.

There will be a coffee break between the sessions. 

10th September

Revelation Study 1 – the glorified Christ.

The manner of Christ’s coming.

8th October

Revelation Study 2 – the seven churches

Can our Christian heritage be reclaimed?

12th November

Revelation Study 3 – a vision of heaven.

How do we hasten the day the coming of the day of the Lord?


According to the Wall Street Journal, 7th March 2016 senior U.S. officials have said that, “The White House is working on plans for reviving long-stalled Middle East negotiations before President Barack Obama leaves office, including a possible United Nations Security Council resolution that would outline steps toward a deal between the Israelis and Palestinians.”

On the 12th July 2016 The Washington Post reported that “Israel is facing a restive European union, which is backing a French initiative that seeks to outline a future peace deal by the year’s end that would probably include a call for the withdrawal of Israeli troops and the creation of a Palestinian State. There are also rumblings that the U.N. Security Council might again hear resolutions about the conflict.”

President Obama has consistently stressed the need for a Palestinian State. It is widely held that he will make moves towards imposing a peace plan before he leaves office.

However help for Israel may come from an unlikely source. Russia has not ruled out using its veto to thwart an anti-Israel resolution. This follows the very friendly welcome that president Putin gave to Prime Minister Netanyahu during his visit to Moscow last June.

The Fall of Babylon – Part 5

Last autumn David Noakes gave a prophecy, which was widely circulated. The prophecy was a call for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. In that prophecy we were warned that God’s fierce anger is against the EU, “on account of its rebellion, its defiant rejection of Me and its hardness of heart to my ancient people Israel”. Later in the prophecy the warning continues, “I am even now arising in judgement to bring to nothing what she [the EU] has sought to achieve”.

The prophecy offered hope that if the UK left the EU, God will have mercy. He will protect the UK from the “death in the disaster that is coming upon Europe”. As with any prophecy it needs to be carefully weighed and tested in the light of scripture.

The previous four articles in this series have set out the belief that Europe is coming under the fierce judgment of God. The first article looked at what Babylon the Great represents in scripture. It drew the conclusion that Europe, what used to be called Christendom, is the final fulfilment of Mystery Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots and the Abominations of the Earth. The second article explained the belief that history is being worked out in seven year cycles. In this current cycle we will witness the fall of Babylon. The third article focused on the role of God in bringing about the destruction. It is God who puts it into the hearts of those who will give their power to the beast to destroy the Harlot. The fourth article examined how it will be a just retribution for God to use Islam to bring about Europe’s demise. Many in Islam hate the Harlot West. They will make her desolate and naked, eat her flesh and burn her with fire. This is a picture of the financial ruin and internal conflict that is coming to Europe.

Having already been led to understand that Europe is coming under the judgment of God I had no problem in accepting the warnings in David Noakes’ prophecy, about the destiny of Europe, as coming from the Lord.

European Union

Prior to the Referendum on membership of the European Union, I voiced the opinion that the UK was being offered a choice between either going down with a sinking ship or manning the life boat and capsizing our own. The EU is a failing institution which is under the judgment of God. With the help of the migrant crisis and huge levels of debt, it will soon implode. I believe that it is destined to come under the domination of the final beast empire built on the foundation of Islam. The UK is now on course to leave but that in itself will not save us. Our rejection of God has brought us under His judgment. If we do not repent, a similar fate to the rest of Europe awaits us.

Did Europe lead us away from God or was the United Kingdom in the vanguard of those who rebelled?  We need to recognise that the overwhelming majority of our countrymen have set their hearts against God. Our rejection of God started long before we joined the Common Market. He allowed this ungodly alliance with other nations because we went our own way.

The prophecy given by David Noakes offered a glimmer of hope that God is still willing to be merciful to Britain and shield her from the worst of what is to come. The prophecy continued, “If you will separate yourself from her declared rejection of God, I will have mercy upon you and restore my hand of protection; and I will use you once again to bring light to many lost in the darkness which is now steadily increasing.”

The hand of God was to be seen in the result of the Referendum. Those who prayed that Britain would leave the EU recognise the result as a token of God’s mercy. The Lord has in His mercy taken us the first step. A first step in answer to the prayers of the faithful remnant. That faithful remnant should now look up in hope. If this nation is to be a light to the many lost in the increasing darkness of these end times, there will need to be a turning back to God. After decades of moral decline, in which the faithful have despaired for the nation, let us pray in faith that now is the time that God will turn the hearts of the people back to Him.

Perhaps we have slowly given up hope of our prayers for the nation ever being answered. Few continue to pray due to the flood tide of evil seeming to be unstoppable. But when God choses to act who can resist Him. Now is a time to renew our praying that God will show us mercy and draw people back to Him.

The storm is gathering

Speaking on the radio four days after the Referendum, Mervyn King, former Governor of the Bank of England, commented that the result was a far greater problem for the EU than for Britain. During the campaign the ‘Remain’ side portrayed membership of the EU as the stable secure option. For ‘Remain’ all the risks lay in leaving, but Europe is far from being either secure or stable.

The leadership of the EU were dismayed at the unexpected result. The last thing they wanted to contemplate was a UK exit when faced with numerous crises on mainland Europe. The financial crisis with Greece is not resolved. There is a €1.7 trillion banking crisis brewing. The migrant crisis is not going away and the EU has no answers. Discontent is widespread among the peoples of Europe. This discontent will now be fed by the British vote. The prospect of Britain leaving the club will weaken the EU and add an additional crisis which will hasten its fall.

These are the crises of which the leadership of the EU are aware. But there is a much more serious crisis which they do not comprehend. It is a spiritual crisis. God has turned against the EU.

The people of ancient Babel thought that they could defy God. By uniting they would become masters of their own destiny. In adopting the symbol of the Tower of Babel with the slogan ‘Europe: Many tongues one voice’ the Council of Europe threw down a challenge to God. It is stating that Europe would reverse the judgment which fell on Babel. Another poster with the slogan ‘Europe4All’ and sub title ‘We can all share the same star’ had a star made up of numerous religious and political symbols, Jewish, Christian, Communist, Islamic etc. It is proclaiming a false unity which is a denial of the truth that is Jesus Christ.

The outward crises which can be seen will be used by the unseen Judge to bring Europe to ruin.

The United Kingdom will not escape the consequences of the turmoil in Europe. But praise God we can look to Him for some protection. The sooner we break our ties with the European Union the better. Pray that those who are already stalling and seeking to sink the exit plan will be confounded.

The time is short

Each blow of judgment which falls on Europe is a trumpet call for the followers of Christ to get ready for the final battle. As Europe falls the beast empire, described in Revelation, will arise in its place. It will be an empire which makes war on those who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. God will allow this to accomplish His purposes for this present age.

I have long believed that the severity of the tribulation which closes this present age will vary from nation to nation. We are not to be fatalistic but believing that prayer changes things. We pray not for our own comfort but that we will be a light in the growing darkness.

The faithful who recognise the unique time in which we live will be ready to participate in the harvest of souls that ends this age. A harvest which will be reaped by those who, despite opposition, stand firm in their testimony of faith in Jesus. Many Iraqi and Syrian Christians are already showing us the way. They have been ready to give up everything, even their lives if necessary, rather than deny their Lord and Saviour.

The endurance of the saints will become the means by which in these last days the gospel will be preached to all the nations. With such faith the bride will make herself ready. As Babylon falls we are to join the heavenly multitude in their Alleluia’s, for the victory of the Lamb is very near. Halleluiah.


“The British have violated the rules. It is not EU philosophy that the crowd decide its fate.” Attributed to Martyn Shulz, President of the European Parliament. It is a shame to waste a good quote. The above originated in a German satirical magazine, but it doesn’t take much imagination to believe that it is what the European hierarchy may have thought even if it was not said.

The EU has an elected parliament but with little power. Parliament’s role is to comment on and make minor amendments to legislation. The proposing and drafting legislation is limited to the few within the unelected Commission.

A form of government in which power effectively rests with a small number of people is called an Oligarchy. In the tradition of all dictatorships the few believe that they are wiser and more able to govern than the masses. In their view letting the masses have a say leads to disaster.

For those within the EU oligarchy the Brexit vote will be sufficient proof that the people should not have a say in things, which in their opinion, they clearly do not understand. It will no doubt bring renewed calls to ban all referenda in Europe.

 Another Referendum and another crisis for Europe

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is holding a referendum in October on a proposal to reform the constitution. The most significant reform is a proposal to reduce the size and curtail the power of the Senate in order to streamline the law making process. Renzi has promised to resign if he loses the referendum.

Although opinion polls show that Renzi will win, many Italians think that Renzi, like David Cameron, has miss judged the situation and may well lose.

The Eurosceptic Five Star Movement [M5S] is now the most popular political party in Italy. If an election were held today it would probably win. M5S, like many Italians, blames the membership of the Euro for most of the problems with the country’s economy.

Wolfgang Munchau wrote the following in the Financial Times, “Nor am I surprised that people are beginning to blame the euro for the economic problems. An Italian exit from the single currency would trigger the total collapse of the eurozone within a very short period. It would probably lead to the most violent economic shock in history, dwarfing the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy in 2008 and the 1929 Wall Street crash. But my sense is that those who would advocate an Italian departure might even relish bringing down the whole house.”

Manchau adds, “Britain is not the cause for any of this. The eurozone and its appallingly weak leaders are to blame. But Brexit may well be the trigger.”

Islam and the new UK Prime Minister

The following is comment by Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch.

“As I was banned by Theresa May from entering Britain for the crime of correctly noting that Islam has doctrines involving violence against unbelievers, I know first-hand her anxiousness to please forces that do not regard free speech and open debate as positives for society. But there is more. As head of the UK Home Office, May announced a review of Britain’s Sharia courts – then appointed Muslims to oversee it, drawing protests from human rights activists concerned that her review board would be too biased to note the courts’ violations of women’s rights.”

“May has claimed counterfactually that the Islamic State’s “actions have absolutely no basis in anything written in the Quran.” She asserted, in the teeth of abundant evidence that the November 2015 jihad massacre in Paris had “nothing to do with Islam.” This wilful ignorance hamstrings intelligence and law enforcement officials’ ability to fight the jihadis: one cannot defeat an enemy while refusing to name or understand it.”

In a comment back in May, Robert Spencer gave this account of why he was banned:

“the UK Home Office letter to me said that I was banned for saying this: “[Islam] is a religion and is a belief system that mandates warfare against unbelievers for the purpose for establishing a societal model that is absolutely incompatible with Western society because media and general government unwillingness to face the sources of Islamic terrorism these things remain largely unknown.” This is a garbled version of what I actually said, which is that Islam in its traditional formulations and core texts mandates warfare against and the subjugation of unbelievers. This is not actually a controversial point to anyone who has studied Islam. It was tantamount to banning me for saying that the sky is blue and the grass is green.”

“Meanwhile, the man [Mufti Qureshi see note below], who directly called for the murder of a foe of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, was admitted with no problem. Does any fair-minded person think that in banning me and admitting Qureshi, Theresa May and the UK Home Office are exercising sober and trustworthy prudential judgment?”

Note: In 2011 politician Salmaan Taseer, who opposed Pakistan’s anti-blasphemy laws, was shot dead by his bodyguard, Mumtaz Qadri. After his arrest, Qadri claimed he had been inspired to act by a 2010 sermon delivered by Mufti Qureshi in Rawalpindi, in which the cleric branded the likes of Taseer as liable to be killed under Islamic law.

The Rapture Verdict by Michael Snyder

Some readers of Trumpet Sounds will be familiar with the articles by Michael Snyder published on ‘The Economic Collapse Blog’. His insights into the state of the world economy and the impending collapse are quoted on many other websites.

I have just read his latest book, ‘The Rapture Verdict’. It accords with much of what I have been writing and speaking for a few years now. Even down to referring to the Tribulation as being the finest hour of the church. The book is a warning against the unquestioning acceptance of the pre-tribulation rapture of the church. He sees this teaching as leaving millions unprepared for what is coming.

His writing style is like that of a demolition man with a large steel ball hung from a crane smashing into a structure to demolish it. Not the most authoritative critique of pre-tribulation teaching but entertaining all the same.

The book is available from

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson speaking in Tel Aviv November 2015.”I cannot think of anything more foolish” than to boycott “a country that when all is said and done is the only democracy in the region, the only place that has in my view, a pluralist, open society.” He also described a trade boycott of Israeli goods as “completely crazy”, supported by “corduroy jacketed, snaggletoothed lefty academics in the UK”. The Palestinian response was to warn of security risks [threatened violence] if he set foot in their territories.

 Tolerance an outdated virtue

Christianity in Britain created a reasonably tolerant society. Diversity of opinion was respected. As counselled in the quote below it is time to recognise that tolerance and diversity of opinion are no longer respected.

“…it is time to face that fact and abandon the myth that the world is run by people who respect difference and diversity, and that all we need to do is behave decently in order to win their respect and earn their favor. They do not think that way. They will never think that way. And they will crush those who do. By any means necessary.”

Carl R. Trueman, Westminster Theological Seminary, writing in response to his friend, a Baptist Pastor, resigning from the chair of a school board because he was unwilling to implement California’s transgender policy.

Water Apartheid!

“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes,” Mark Twain.

There is considerable media bias against Israel when reporting events in the Middle East. A classic example occurred recently with the failure of the water supply to five West Bank villages.

The following is from the honest reporting website:

“The Independent, International Business Times, Radio New Zealand and the Times of London all picked up a blatantly incorrect Al Jazeera story. The Independent incorrectly portrays Israel as intentionally denying water to Palestinians in the West Bank.”

The Independent ran the Head line: Ramadan 2016: Israel cuts off water supply to West Bank during Muslim holy month.

“The article goes on to say: Israel has cut off the water supply to large areas of the West Bank, Palestinian authorities have claimed. Tens of thousands of Palestinians have reportedly been left without access to safe drinking water during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, a period of fasting, at a time when temperatures can exceed 35C.”

“Meanwhile the International Business Times (IBT) twice described Israeli actions with the phrase “water apartheid,” attributing the inflammatory quote only to vague and unnamed “critics of Israel” but implying that it is a commonly accepted term.”

“Yet it turns out the “water shutoff” was nothing more than a burst pipe, that Israeli workers were already working diligently to fix.”

Near the end of its article The Independent reported some actual facts about the supposed water stoppage: A spokesperson for the Israeli government told ‘The Independent’ there is “no truth” in the claims, and said the shortages were down to faulty water lines. They said: “Several hours ago, COGAT’s Civil Administration team have repaired a burst pipe line, which disrupted the water supply to the villages of Marda, Biddya, Jamma’in, Salfit and Tapuach. The water flow has been regulated and is currently up and running.

In short, The Independent knew the truth but nonetheless chose to write an emotionally suggestive piece of essentially libellous fiction and then published it as if it were journalism. The IBT, it seems, didn’t even bother to learn the truth at all.

Celebrating Satan in the heart of Europe.

The Gotthard Base Tunnel passes under the Alps to connect Erstfeld in Switzerland to Bodio in Italy. At 57 km it is the longest rail tunnel in the world. The construction took 17 years and cost €11 billion.

On the 1st of June senior political figures including President Hollande of France, Angela Merkel of Germany and Prime Minister Matteo Renzi of Italy came to Erstfeld for the official opening ceremony. What did they expect? Were they expecting an upbeat celebration of a significant engineering achievement? What they got was a ritual dedicating the tunnel to Satan.

The event was full of blasphemies and satanic symbols. A goat man was dressed as Baphomet, the incarnation of Satan. Actors in underwear mimed sexual acts followed by a parade of people carrying skulls. Later dead workers were replaced by creepy ghosts while a huge video screen showed the all Seeing Eye. The ghosts turned into scarabs which then appear to be eaten by the goat man now seen in a huge video display. Eventually the goat man who has died and been resurrected is declared ‘king of the world’.

Reports say that at the end there was a standing ovation.

There is nothing new in such celebrations being used to promote a satanic message. The opening and closing ceremonies for the 2012 London Olympics were full of occult and one world imagery. The huge ‘Tomorrowland’ music festival in Belgium, which simultaneously links locations in seven countries is another blatantly occult celebration.

Satan’s time is short. Therefore he is becoming more assertive in his claim to be ‘king of the world’.

Now is the time to place our trust in Jesus Christ the true King of Kings. He is soon coming back to reign over the whole world from Jerusalem. Only those who believe in Him will inherit eternal life.