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Watch – Preparing for the Unexpected

This book is written to help Christians prepare for the closing years of this age. Before Jesus returns there will be a time of tribulation. False prophets and deceivers will come and lead many astray. The church will be hated and persecuted in all nations causing the worldly minded to fall away. Disturbing signs in the heavens, earthquakes and darkness will terrify those who do not know the word of God.

But through all this the Christians who have taken heed of scripture will not be shaken. They will be refined and purified to become a bride made ready. In these last days their resolute faith will turn many to righteousness. Those who overcome will shine like the stars for ever and receive from their Lord the precious words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

There are many signs that the return of the Lord may be soon, are you ready?

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Signs – Recognizing the times

Are we living in the closing years of the present age? Does the ordinary Christian need to know whether or not we are living in the last days? Many would respond that it is unimportant. They would say that we need to keep living our Christian lives, witnessing where we can and leave the timing of the Lord’s return to Him. Jesus will come when He comes and there is nothing we can do about it. This is naive thinking. There are three very important reasons why we need to recognise that we are living at the close of the age.

1. To counter disillusionment
2. To be prepared
3. To pray

This booklet sets out some of the reasons why we believe that the coming of the Lord will be soon.

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The Great Anguish

The title of this booklet deliberately uses the word anguish instead of tribulation. This is to encourage a fresh look at the events which will close the present age. What will this time mean for the church and for Israel? The closing chapter is headed ‘Living in Victory’. Those who are prepared will come out of this time as a bride worthy of her groom.

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The Reign of Christ

Jesus is coming back to reign. Topics covered include, who will reign with Him, the people of the kingdom, worship in the kingdom, the renewal of creation and Israel during the millennial reign of Christ. It ends with the wedding feast, the final judgement and the eternal city.

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Daniel Part 1 and Daniel Part 2

Two booklets which take a fresh look at the book of Daniel. They consider Daniel as a person as well as set out interpretations of the prophecies. The author does not wish to be contrary in presenting conclusions which are sometimes differ from past teaching. Therefore he asks readers to pray and search the scripture for confirmation if the interpretations are correct.

Chris Hill has commended these two short studies in Daniel as the best he has read.

Daniel Part 1

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Daniel Part 2

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The Date of the Crucifixion

This is a companion booklet to Daniel Part 2. It given as support for the interpretation put forward for the prophecy of the weeks.

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