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The Islamic State

The Great Anguish – part 8 The Antichrist in Revelation

Answers in Prophecy – Autumn Meetings

Your phone is spying on you

Genetic Entropy – the impossibility of evolution


West Country Prophecy Conferrence

Water Wars

The Islamic State

Recent dramatic events in the Middle East have prompted people to ask if they have a prophetic significance. It seems as if out of nowhere ISIS have swept forward to overrun northern and western Iraq. Now calling itself the Islamic State it has annexed a large section of Syria and Iraq. This has been followed up by its leader Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi declaring himself Caliph. A key difference between the Islamic State and al-Qa’idah is the control of territory. With the conquered territory come significant oil revenues.

I sense that the rise of the Islamic State will prove significant but it is too early to predict the course events will take. Whether al-Baghdadi, now calling himself Caliph Ibrahim will be accepted by other Muslims remains to be seen. The medieval scholar Ibn Khaldun listed a number of qualities a Caliph should possess. They include knowledge of Islam, honesty and virtue, ability to wage jihad and descent from Muhammad. Caliph Ibrahim meets the requirements. He has a PhD in Islamic law and clearly possesses the ability to wage Jihad. Baghdadi also claims direct descent from Muhammad.

However it is said of the Caliph nothing succeeds like success. Key to acceptance, of his claim to be the Caliph, is continued Jihad. Baghdadi will know that he cannot rest content with past victories. He must press on. Either take more territory or take the war to Islam’s enemies, ie: the West. Jordan and Saudi Arabia are in his sights as is Israel. A Telegraph report warned that following the success of ISIS in Iraq, support had greatly increased in Jordan, posing an internal threat to that nation.

If Baghdadi continues his move east toward Baghdad it will force Iran to increase its involvement in the war. Already the destruction of Shi’ite shrines must be seen as provocation by the Iranian regime. It is speculated that, if Iran becomes more openly involved, Turkey may also intervene to protect the Sunni majority against Shia Iran.

The rise of the Islamic State has the potential to further destabilise an already unstable region. This could hit the western world both by interrupting oils supplies and by spawning a flood of battle hardened terrorists willing to inflict destruction. Over many years Trumpet Sounds has warned that the judgment of God on the western nations, which have turned from Him, will be inflicted by Islam. The day of reckoning is approaching fast.

The Great Anguish – Part 8 The Antichrist in Revelation

At the end of this present age Satan will be permitted to perpetrate a great deception. He will be allowed to present to the world the man called, in 2 Thessalonians, ‘the man of sin’. God will not only permit this deception, He will encourage it so that all those who have already rejected the truth will be condemned. The previous article in the series considered this deception and the importance of obeying Jesus’ command to watch.

In an earlier article Old Testament references to this man were identified by taking three characteristics, his blasphemy, the time of his appearing and his destruction by Jesus Christ. In the Old Testament he is seen as a Middle Eastern tyrant who causes a time of great suffering for the Jews immediately prior to the return of Christ.

We turn to the book of Revelation for a much fuller description of this man.


Revelation 9 describes the release of a plague of demons from the pit. They are permitted to torment people for a period of time. “And they had a king over them the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, but in Greek he has the name Appollyon.” Revelation 9:11. It is easy to overlook the significance of Abaddon. It seems that he is released to disappear. Is that correct or are we in fact being introduced to the principal character in much of what follows? His names mean destruction and destroyer. Terms which are used in scripture for both Israel’s oppressor and the man of sin [Isaiah 16: 4 shadad = destroyer or spoiler, 2Thess 2: 3 apoleia = perdition or destruction].

“The beast who you saw was, and is not and will ascend out of the bottomless pit and go to destruction.” Revelation 17: 8. This verse confirms that Abaddon, released from the bottomless pit will take on the identity of one who is called ‘the beast’. He has been imprisoned for centuries ready for this hour. As in 2 Thessalonians he is restrained until the time that God chooses to release him. He is described as “was, is not, and yet is”, which gives rise to the belief that we are reading about a man who once lived, is now dead, but for a time will be resurrected. The only other person to which scripture gives the title ‘son of perdition’ (apoleia) is Judas Iscariot [John 17: 12]. There are many who have become possessed by Demons, but of Judas it is written that Satan entered into him [Luke 22: 3]. When he died it was written “that he might go to his own place.” Acts 1: 25. Judas was not sent to the place of the dead but to a place reserved for him until the time that God will use him again. Although called to be among those privileged to be Jesus’ close companions, he chose Satan instead of the Lamb of God. He has to bear the eternal consequence of his decision, as will all who follow him.

Abbaddon will be resurrected to become the beast. “And he was given a mouth speaking great blasphemies, and he was given authority to continue forty two months. Then he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God …. .” Revelation 13: 5, 6. His blasphemy confirms that the beast is ‘the man of sin’ who takes the name of God claiming to be God.

Only as God Permits

“The ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have received no kingdom as yet, but they receive authority for one hour as kings with the beast.” Revelation 17: 12. Both the beast of Revelation and the fourth beast of Daniel 7 have ten horns. In Daniel the ten horns are described but have no function. In Revelation we learn that they exist for a brief period of time. Their function is to give power and authority to the beast [Revelation 17: 13] and to fulfil the purpose of God in destroying the Harlot [Revelation 17: 15 – 17]. All that happens is under the sovereign control of God. However satanically inspired these monsters are their freedom to work their hateful destruction only exists to the extent God permits.

The destruction of Babylon

From the description of Babylon in Revelation 18, we conclude that the Harlot, which the beast destroys, represents what we would call ‘civilization’. The name Babylon is the title of the kingdom of this world. She is proud and enjoys great wealth due to her trade. She looks impressive, the height of human achievement. In reality she is corrupt and guided by demons. From the beginning, she has persecuted the prophets and saints of God. In one hour she will be destroyed.

Following her destruction, the void will be filled by the final empire of the beast described in Revelation 13. For forty two months or three and a half years the beast will be allowed to have authority on this earth.

Satan having been denied the opportunity to persecute the woman, who represents believing Israel, turns his attention to the church. “And the dragon was enraged with the woman, and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring, who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.” Revelation 12: 17. Revelation chapter 13 proceeds to describe how Satan will make war on the saints.

The chapter describes a huge deception. Through signs, wonders and a miraculous image, a second beast will cause the world to worship the man of sin. At that time the beast will be given permission by God to persecute the saints. Many will be imprisoned or killed. Once again we see that all that happens is determined by the sovereign will of God. He asks His saints to be willing to endure suffering to achieve His final purpose for this present age. [Revelation 13: 10, 14: 12].

Will this man’s reign be universal?

The answer from scripture is possibly but not definitely. Statements such as “all the world marvelled and followed the beast.” Revelation 13: 3 and “and causes the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first beast.” Revelation 13: 12 could be taken as meaning universal rule.

Elsewhere in scripture we find that similar phrases have a more limited scope. In the interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream to be found in Daniel 2, both the first empire Babylon [Dan 2: 38] and the third empire, Greece [Dan 2: 39] are described in terms which we would interpret as reigning over the whole planet. We know from history that they only ruled what we today refer to as the Middle East. We find the same use of words in Ezra 1: 2 where Cyrus claims to rule over all the kingdoms of the earth. Luke 2: 1 records that ‘all the world’ was to be registered. All the world here refers to the Roman empire.

In the sermon on the Mount of Olives, Jesus said that the gospel must be preached to all nations and also, that His followers will be hated by all nations. The word used is ethnos meaning all ethnic groups. The two statements go together. At the end of this age the gospel will be both preached and rejected, bringing down God’s judgment on the world. There is no doubt that this applies to all peoples living on this planet.

In Revelation an angel announces that “The kingdoms of this world have become our Lord’s and even of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever”. The word used for this world is ‘kosmos’ which generally has a universal meaning covering the whole ordered world.

While of the beast it is written “and all the earth marvelled after the beast”. Here ‘ge’ is used. Throughout Revelation the word ‘ge’ is usually translated earth. In many instances the context points to it being used to refer to the whole world. But the word can also mean a land, territory or region. We have to decide from the context and other scriptures what is intended in each instance.

“Then the fifth angel poured out his bowl on the throne of the beast and his kingdom became full of darkness; …” Revelation 16: 10. ‘Basileia’ translated kingdom, is usually used in the more limited context of a defined area. The Beast is described as having a specific realm.

“Now the beast which I saw was like a leopard, his feet were like a bear and his mouth like the mouth of a lion.” Revelation 13: 2. This description of the beast takes us back to Daniel 7. In that chapter four beasts were described, one is like a lion, one like a bear, one like a leopard and a final dreadful beast. It connects the final empire of the beast to these former empires. The link could indicate that this final empire covers the same territory. That territory is the Middle East and depending on how Daniel 7 is interpreted, may also include Europe.

The Mark of Beast – Revelation 13: 15 – 18

The end of Revelation 13 introduces a topic which has been the cause of much speculation. Brands, tattoos, bar codes, micro chips and head bands have all been suggested as the mark. What it is will remain speculation until the time it comes into force. If the extent of the Beast’s kingdom is limited it may be that only those within the kingdom will be caused to receive the mark.
A person who follows Christ is sealed with the Holy Spirit [2 Corinthians 1: 22, Ephesians 4: 30]. The seal is a mark of ownership. The Christian no longer belongs to Satan and the kingdom of this world. He has been bought with the precious blood of Jesus and now belongs to the heavenly kingdom.

The mark of the beast is Satan’s imitation of the seal of God. It identifies all who belong to him. Revelation 13 reveals a trinity of evil which mirrors the divine trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Satan models himself on the Father. The Beast is the incarnation of Satan imitating the Son. The false prophet imitates the ministry of the Holy Spirit. He deceives people into worshipping the Beast and seals those who have made that commitment.

Whatever the nature of the mark proves to be, accepting it will seal a person’s destiny. Those who accept it will share the same fate as Satan. Revelation 14: 9 – 11 warns of the eternal torment which will be suffered by all who receive the mark of the Beast.

Christians who refuse to worship the beast or receive his mark are in line to be beheaded. When Jesus returns they will be rewarded with the privilege of reigning with Him [Rev 20: 4].

Thwarting Satan’s rule

Satan intends to rule over the whole world. He will be permitted at the end of this age to use all his power to deceive mankind and bring that rule about. But we come against him in prayer backed by all the power of Jesus Christ. That sounds as if we are to pray against the will of God, which permits Satan to deceive the world. But God also has another purpose in mind. At the end of this age there will be a final harvest [Revelation 7: 14].

From scripture, we are assured that Jesus has the final victory. It is for the church to stand against the schemes of the devil and prevent them coming about. That is why he will hate us so much. The vigilant church, which has seen through the deception of Satan, will in suffering have the joy of seeing many saved. In the end they will witness Satan’s defeat. We are confident because we follow the one who has already won the battle and is very soon going to reign victorious over all the earth. Hallelujah.

Answers in Prophecy – Autumn 2014

Philip Wren and Jim Cottington both speak at these meetings which are held at Crawley New Life Church, The Glade, Furnace Green, Crawley, RH10 6JL. Sessions start at 7.00 pm.

13th September – What next in the Middle East
Commentary on current events
What does the Bible lead us to expect

11th October – Day Conference 10.30 am to 4.30 pm
Speaker: Derek Rous of Prayer for Israel
Israel in Bible Prophecy
All God’s acts are redemptive
How will ‘All Israel’ be saved?
Refreshments provided – Bring your own lunch

8th November – New ways of doing church
Is reverence for the Lord outdated?
Since when has Jesus been our mate?
Do all roads lead to Rome?
How relevant for today’s church is the admonition ‘Come out from among her…’

Your Phone is spying on you

A joint report prepared by Citizen Lab and Kaspersky calls attention to malicious software designed by the Italian firm Hacker Team. Over 40 countries including the US, UK, Canada and China have set up servers running this software. It allows your mobile device to be used to record and transmit private conversations even when you don’t think it is switched on. The design of the software is said to be so clever that victim has almost no chance of working out that his device is infected.

This adds to the known ability of the security services to use the camera on your lap top to watch you even when you think it’s switched off.

Genetic Entropy and the mystery of the Dr J C Sanford

Dr Sanford was a Cornell University Professor for 25 years. During that time he was heavily involved in the field of plant genetic engineering. One of his significant contributions was the invention of the biolistic (gene gun) process. A high proportion of the genetically engineered crops around the world use his technology.

In his book ‘Genetic Entropy’, Dr Sanford looks at the Primary Axiom which underpins evolution. An axiom is a rule or principle which is accepted as true because it is regarded as being self evident. In the case of evolution, the Primary Axiom is the belief that man is merely the product of random mutations plus natural selection. As a geneticist the author admits that for many years he accepted without question that the axiom was true.

Entropy, as used in the title, is the natural transition from order to disorder. It is evident that within the genome [the sum total of genetic material within an organism] mutation leads to disorder. The increasing disorder proves the Primary Axiom to be false.

Natural Selection

For the evolutionist the problem is resolved by the ability of natural selection to counteract the increasing disorder. Sanford writes on page 46, “For many people, including many biologists, natural selection is like a magic wand. There seems to be no limit to what one can imagine it accomplishing. This extremely naive perspective toward natural selection is pervasive. Even as a plant geneticist, I had an unrealistic conception of how selection was really operating in nature, and I had a very naive idea about how selection might work at the level of the whole genome.”

The complexities of the living cell are difficult to summarise. They are far removed from the elementary biology I was taught at school. In the forward to the book Dr John Baumgardner describes the living cell as a, “realm of self replicating robotic manufacturing plants, with components whirring at tens of thousands RPM, automated parcel addressing, transport and distribution systems and complex monitoring and feedback and control systems. …It is a realm in which tens of thousands of different kinds of sophisticated nanomachines perform incredible chemical feats.” This is all within a single cell.

Amazing Complexity

Governing this complex universe is an instruction manual. The complete human genome consists of two sets of three billion letters. Part of this library is used to encode the 100,000 different human proteins and uncounted number of functional RNA molecules found within our cells. Incredible as that may seem, Sanford points out that this is only the first dimension of complexity within the genome. There are multiple linear codes that over lap and constitute an exceedingly sophisticated information system embodying data compression. All this is contained within the cell’s nucleus a space much smaller that a speck of dust.


When a cell divides the information in the genome is duplicated. Occasionally errors are made in the copying of information. Most errors are considered neutral in their affect. It is errors in the copying which give rise to mutations. Naturalistic evolution does not allow for an original instruction manual which would enable the checking and correction of errors against an existing blue print. In the process of duplication, errors are reproduced and carried forward to the next cell division where they are compounded by further errors.

During his career as an evolutionary biologist Dr Sanford admits that his primary concern was not how the human genome could develop but how it could survive with the ever increasing accumulation of error. Sandford quotes from the works of a number of Population Geneticists to illustrate that survival of the species is a concern among specialists in this sphere. The specialists he quotes are all evolutionists who take the primary axiom as their starting point. Therefore their aim is to prove that natural selection has the ability to overcome degeneration.

Sanford takes their arguments and demonstrates that selection cannot counteract degeneration. In reality the human species is heading for extinction. To quote Sanford again page 147, “If the genome must degenerate, then the primary axiom is wrong. It is not just implausible. It is not just unlikely. It is absolutely dead wrong. It is not just a false axiom. It is an unsupported and discredited hypothesis, and can confidently be rejected. Mutation/selection cannot stop the loss of genomic information, let alone create the genome! Why is this? It is because selection occurs at the level of the whole organism. It cannot stop the loss of information [which is immeasurably complex] due to mutation and is happening at the molecular level. It is like trying to fix a computer with a hammer. The microscopic complexity of the computer makes the hammer largely irrelevant. Likewise the microscopic complexity of genomic mutation makes selection at the level of the whole individual largely irrelevant.”

It is misleading to imagine that the duplication of information every time a cell divides leads to innumerable errors. Another piece of amazing design engineering is the mechanism which checks the copies for errors and makes repairs. This limits error to the level of one in a billion pieces of code.

Evidence on Trial

What fascinates me as a non scientist is the way in which evolutionists and creationists can take the same evidence and come up with totally different interpretations. It reminds me of the one occasion when I was called up for jury service. The trial was at the Old Bailey in London. An important part of the English justice system is the same evidence being made available to both prosecution and defence. During the trial the prosecuting barrister used the evidence to make a convincing case that the accused was a foul villain, undoubtedly guilt, who deserved to be locked up for many years. The defence barrister followed. He used the same evidence plus some that the prosecution had deliberately overlooked, to demonstrate that the accused could not possibly have committed the crime. On that particular occasion the jury decided that there was insufficient evidence to conclusively prove the guilt of the accused.

In the legal system the prosecution and the defence have the right to challenge the inclusion of individual jurors on the jury, if they have reason to think that a person might be biased for or against the accused. In the evolution/creation debate generally the parties approach it with preconceived beliefs and are biased one way or the other. Sanford is one of the few who have felt compelled to look again at the evidence. In consequence he moved from acceptance of evolution to the belief that the complexity of the genome proves there must have been a designer and then recognition that a young earth is credible.

Evolution is self evidently wrong

To most people it is an axiom that with every copying error information is lost. If information is repeatedly copied in a way that with each copy further errors are added eventually the information will be so corrupted that it becomes useless. That axiom unlike the primary axiom which underpins evolution is within the grasp and experience of people everywhere.

Another axiom, self evident to most, is that the more complex an item the more likely it had a designer. I cannot grasp how anyone could seriously believe that something as intricate as the human genome, self assembled. The level of intelligence required to design and assemble the instructions for life is beyond comprehension. For a cell to divide the copying/checking machine, mentioned earlier, needs to be already present. That in itself should rule out any conclusion other than life exists by design.

The Designer’s Brilliance

When confronted with such brilliance we are filled with awe and respond with the words, “What is man that you are mindful of him ….?” How is it that the creator Jesus Christ should chose to become one of us and dwell on this earth? And yet He did. He chose mankind to be His companion throughout eternity. In the future that lies ahead for all who have faith in Him, the mutation of the genome which leads to death will cease. Jesus wrote the original instruction manual of life. In the new resurrection bodies, which we receive when He returns, the errors in our DNA will have been corrected. We will be healed and live with Him forever.

The failure of the Primary Axiom is fatal to the theory of evolution

In an appendix Sanford answers objections to his thesis. One objection is the false idea that the Primary Axiom is just one of numerous mechanisms of evolution. Therefore does it matter if the Primary Axiom is fatally flawed and essentially falsified? Sanford explains that the Primary Axiom is evolution there is no alternative. If it has been falsified the theory is dead.


The statistics of debt are so mind blowing that they are almost impossible to comprehend. When all forms of UK debt including government debt, business debt, mortgage debt and consumer debt are added up, it comes to over £4.3 trillion.

That’s a lot of money. Put it this way if you were born in 1 AD and spent £5,000,000 a day every day from then to today you would still have enough in hand to make you the world’s richest man. The government is still increasing national debt at a frightening rate. This year every household in Britain will be paying over £1,800.00 in tax just to cover the interest on what the government has borrowed.

Debt remains the Achilles heel of the western world. Governments rely on continued growth to pay their way out of debt. A major shock, such as a rise in the price of oil, which causes that growth not to materialize, would bring the economies crashing down.

The exposure of the banking sector to risky ‘Derivative’ deals is said to be 20% greater than before the financial crash of 2008. Some predict that this alone makes a future economic meltdown inevitable.

Prophecy Conference – The Voice of the Lord

10.30 to 4.30 on Saturday 18th October 2014

A day for those who love the Lord, His word and His covenant people: a time to learn, pray and share fellowship. This is the conference which was postponed from 29th March due to Ken Burnett’s memorial service.

Speakers: Gerald Gotzen and Rod Boggia
Rod is the SW area representative for PFI & an experienced bible teacher

The Venue
The venue for the annual Prophecy Conference is Rora House, Liverton Bovey Tracey TQ12 6HZ. This is the home of the lively Rora Christian Fellowship.

At the Drumbridges roundabout on the A38 [for Bovey Tracey & Newton Abbot] take the 1st left turning off the roundabout coming from Plymouth, or the 3rd left if coming from Exeter, signposted Liverton: a series of signs off this road will lead you to Rora House.

While this is a day conference, if you wish to stay at Rora you would be most welcome. Please contact Rora House direct Tel: 01626 821746.
‘No fixed charge is made for any accommodation at Rora, or for the use of the facilities. We do trust however, that each person/group will be faithful in their giving and thus enable the work to continue.’
Details from the RORA web site

Booking Form
The cost of the conference is £8.00 per person which includes a light lunch and tea. [£5.00 without lunch]
Cheques should be made payable to Dr K Kite

Name ………………………………… Number Attending .……

Address .………………………………………………………………


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Phone number ………………………… E-mail …………………

Diatry Requirements [if any]

The booking form and cheque should be sent to:
Dr. Ken Kite, Tel: 01392 439408 mob: 07811 030551

 Water Wars

The outcome of the civil wars raging in Iraq and Syria may not be determined by controlling territory or oil refineries but by the control of water. Water is critical as temperatures sour in a region experiencing its worst drought for 50 years. Both Syria and Iraq largely depend on water from the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. The upper reaches of both rivers are currently controlled by the Islamic State.

The huge Mosul dam, 45 miles north of Mosul, supplies water and electricity to a large part of Kurdistan. With the Islamic State only a few miles south of the dam the Kurds are preparing to mount a fierce resistance. However due to poor construction it has been described as ‘the most dangerous dam in the world’. It could collapse without terrorist help. The wall of water released would literally drown Mosul.

Of huge strategic importance is the 5 mile long Haditha dam. This supplies about 30% of Iraq’s electricity and water both to Baghdad and for irrigation downstream. In the 2003 US invasion securing the dam was a primary objective. If it falls to the Islamic State drinking water and electricity supplies could be disrupted. In Syria both IS[IS] and the Assad government have used water as a tactical weapon.

The situation has been complicated by Turkey. At the beginning of June, Turkey cut off the flow of water in the Euphrates River. It was reported that this action caused the level of Lake Assad, Syria’s major fresh water reservoir, to fall by 6 meters. There were fears that a drop of a further meter, causing the silt to dry out, would compromise the structure of the dam.

Water is critical for many other countries. 85 million Egyptians rely almost entirely on the River Nile for their water. Therefore the construction by Ethiopia of the Grand Renaissance Dam one of the largest in the world is seen as a threat. Former President Morsi hinted that it could lead to war.

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