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Prophecy Conference

10.30 to 4.30 on Saturday 24th March 2012

Speakers: Gerald Gotzen and Philip Wren
A day for those who love the Lord, His word and His covenant people: a time to learn, pray and share fellowship. Continue reading

Salafi Islam

The Spring 2011 edition of Trumpet Sounds carried an article on the Muslim Brotherhood. It looked at its history and explained why despite being persecuted by the state it had steadily gained in popularity. The article predicted that the Muslim Brotherhood was poised to fill the political vacuum left by the overthrow of Mubarak.

What was not foreseen at the time was the rise of an even more extreme brand of conservative Islam. The Salafi Al-noor party has gained about 25% of the popular vote in Egypt. They gained support by claiming that the Muslim Brotherhood who has been prepared to achieve its goals through political means was not being true to Islam. Continue reading

Vladamir Putin Fidei Def!

Most British coins carry the letters F D after the name of the monarch. This is short for the Latin Fidei Def which translated is Defender of the Faith. The title was first granted by Pope Leo X in 1521 to the English King, Henry VIII. Following the break with Rome and the excommunication of Henry by Pope Pius III the title was revoked. Then in 1544 Parliament conferred the title on the English monarch as defender of the Anglican faith. Continue reading

How to make money in Hollywood

Information from the Hollywood Reporter

Release patriotic movies that promote conservative values and do not denigrate Christianity. That is the message being promoted by Movieguide at its Faith and Values awards ceremony on the 10th February. The Movieguide report rates movies using more than two dozen criteria, such as whether a title promotes capitalism or socialism or if it promotes or denigrates biblical principles. Violence, sex, political correctness, revisionist history, environmentalism, feminism, homosexuality and more hot-button political issues all are taken into consideration. Continue reading


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