Newsletter 124 Summer 2017

“Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world the love of the Father is not in him.” 1 John 2: 15

I often ponder the words in 2 Thessalonians 2: 11 “God will send them strong delusion.” In teaching prophecy it is necessary to emphasise over and over the sovereignty of God in all that happens. The words ‘God will’ are frequently repeated in the Bible. As our knowledge of scripture broadens we come to understand that God will use Satan, his arch enemy, to fulfil his purposes.

The AV and NKJV versions of the Bible both translate the phrase in the above quote from Thessalonians as ‘strong delusion’. When reading the words we probably unconsciously insert the word ‘a’ before strong. This would make the delusion a particular reference to the acceptance of the ‘man of sin’, who is described earlier in the chapter. Mankind in its delusion will accept this false Christ as the saviour of the world. God will send this delusion and use it to separate those who believe the truth from those who accept Satan’s lie.

Leaving the ‘a’ out allows the delusion to have a much broader application. Towards the end of the age Mankind will suffer from a number of delusions leading up to the final delusion which accepts the Antichrist. These delusions lead people further and further away from the truth. Without the foundation of divinely inspired truth the ground is being prepared to receive the ultimate lie.

Three of the most powerful delusions at work in Britain today are, Evolution, gender confusion and Islam. Each in its own way undermines the truth of God as revealed in scripture.

Evolution denies the Creator. Evolution is the foundation of our secular society. By removing accountability to God man can take control his own destiny. Over the last 60 years laws based on the word of God have been repealed. They have been replaced with laws based on man’s faulty wisdom. The consequent break down of society is evidence of this futility for all to see, if only they would open their eyes.

Gender confusion has grown out of a belief in Evolution. As products of chance rather than a divine creation we can make our own choices. The ludicrous consequences of this delusion are illustrated in a following article.

Islam pretends to offer salvation without the need for an atonement. It denies the death of Christ for our sins. Islam sets out a number of religious rituals and rules for the faithful to follow. But even Islam admits that keeping of these does not guarantee a place in heaven. A Muslims deeds will be weighed in the balance on the Day of Judgment. However according to the Bible our good deeds can never pay the price for our sin. Only Jesus taking the penalty on Himself is sufficient to satisfy divine justice.

How do we counter these delusions? We need to return to a robust gospel which boldly declares our accountability to God. Many will mock but some will listen. The next article looks at the gospel as it was once preached.

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Obama, Israel and the future of the USA

In: 8 Reasons Those Who Love Israel Should Be Concerned, Ron Cantor sets out President Obama’s real attitude to Israel and the potentially devastating consequences for the USA if he is re-elected.

Global March to Jerusalem

The global march to free Jerusalem is scheduled for this Friday 30th March. The organisers hope that 1 million people will join the march to Israel’s borders, getting as close to Jerusalem as possible. Demonstrations are also planned outside Israeli embassies around the world. Use this link to sample the bigoted, factually inaccurate, drivel which is used to promote the march:

In a nasty turn of events DEBKA file reports that Iran is forcing a number of Iranian Jewish young men to take part in the march. See DEBKA Newsletter, March 23, 2012. The intention is to place these Jewish young men in the front of the march to deter a firm Israeli response.

Pray for wisdom to be given to the leadership of Israel on how to deal with the march and for protection on any Jews forced to take part.

The time of Jacob’s trouble

Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, is known to be in awe of his father the historian Ben- Zion. His world view is influenced by his father’s work. Ben-Zion Netanyahu who had his 100th birthday last March is recognised as the world’s foremost historian of the Spanish Inquisition. Continue reading

South Sudan

In December Salva Kiir the president of the newly formed country of South Sudan made his first foreign visit. His destination was Jerusalem. The visit acknowledged that throughout the struggle of the South against Muslim domination from the North, Israel has been the one nation to stand with them. He apparently proposed to Shimon Peres that South Sudan would locate its embassy in Jerusalem. This would make them the only country in the world to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.