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Newsletter 126 Winter 2018

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Flee the wrath to come

Jerusalem capital of Israel – calling the Palestinian bluff.

Off the rails – mixing Christ and Mohammed

Gender Confusion

Transgender – unrelenting pressure to destroy traditional morality

Twelve Revelations of Jesus Christ from the book of Revelation – Study 1

The end of a civilization – a state within a state

The Words of the “New” Spirituality – What Do They Really Mean?

Persecution – the world watch list 2018

Flee the wrath to come.

“What comes after death? Is it oblivion or conscious existence? Jesus Christ taught that after death comes judgment. He will be the judge consigning mankind to one of two destinies. Either we will enter eternal life and live with Him for ever or be thrown into the lake of fire suffering torment and destruction.”

“…… to suffer the wrath of God and be thrown into the lake of fire is ‘a horrific but preventable, tragedy’.”

“It is a tragedy which will affect not just a few but all who are living and have ever lived. Rarely is the alarm sounded. Frequently the wrong advice is being given.”

“God does not want any to suffer the tragedy of the lake of fire. In mercy He has provided a way of escape. But be warned, if we do not take that way of escape we will suffer the consequences.”

The above comes from the cover of a new booklet which I have prepared. ‘Flee from the wrath to come’ is a warning that after death comes judgment. This warning is rarely heard in churches and almost never outside church.

This booklet is a development of an article I wrote for Trumpet Sounds 124. In that article I posed the question, “facing such turbulent times what message would the head of the church, Jesus Christ, have us bring to the world?” John the Baptist was sent to prepare the way for Jesus. He preached a message of repentance and to flee the wrath to come.

Jesus will soon return. To prepare the way I believe that we need to follow the example of John the Baptist and warn of coming wrath.

I wrote the booklet ‘Watch’ for Christians. It is an encouragement to stand firm whatever may befall us before that day when Jesus gathers us up to be with Him. ‘Wrath’ is written for non-Christians, although it is a message which many in the church need to hear. The Lord has blessed ‘Watch’ by enabling the distribution of thousands of copies. To distribute booklets to Christians is one thing. To get the message into the hands of unbelievers is quite another matter. I trust that writing ‘Wrath’ is a beginning. Please pray the Lord will guide the next step which is how to make the message known.

If you would like to receive a copy of ‘Flee the Wrath to come’, please send me an email with your name and address.

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