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Newsletter 127 Spring 2018

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A fear or free society

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The threat from Iran

Revelation Study 2 – Christ and His church

Extending State Control

Diverse Gender

An unlikely hero

Evelyn Wren

General Data Protection Regulations


“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1: 7

Two weapons that Satan uses against the Christian are first deception and then fear. It was through deception that Satan first caused mankind to sin. He used a slight twisting of the truth to gain Eve’s attention. This was followed by a denial that God really meant what He had said. Finally the fruit of disobedience was made to look so attractive.

The twisting of the truth is rampant in the church. The epidemic is so widespread that for many it is difficult to find a sound fellowship. It is more important than ever that Christians have their faith firmly anchored in the teaching of the Bible. Jesus warned that a primary characteristic of the end of the age would be the attempt to deceive if possible even the elect. The deception of the elect is possible if they fail to obey Jesus’ command to watch.

A Free or Fear society

The Soviet dissident Natan Sharansky wrote in his book, “The Case for Democracy,” it is precisely “The Town Square Test” that determines whether or not a society can be considered free: “If a person cannot walk into the middle of the town square and express his or her views without fear of arrest, imprisonment, or physical harm, then that person is living in a fear society, not a free society.”

Sharansky was writing about legitimate points of view which may be contrary to main stream opinion. For the Christian these might be on views on marriage, gender identity and creation. Holding these views may make others feel uncomfortable but in no way do we wish them harm.

Ours is increasingly becoming a fear society. Holding any view other than those of liberal secular orthodoxy is now considered extreme and to be punished. It is Satan’s aim to cause those which he has not deceived to shrink in fear. But as Paul wrote to Timothy a spirit of fear does not come from God. When we abide in Christ, He gives us three things, power, love and a sound mind. Power brings the inner strength to stand firm when Satan tries to intimidate us. Love enables us to see those who persecute us as lost and in need of a Saviour. A sound mind recognises deception and warns against it.

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