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Newsletter 130 Winter 2019

As I write this edition of Trumpet sounds, Leonie and I have just returned from 10 days in Jerusalem. We were there to visit our daughter who teaches at the Anglican (CMJ) International School in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem today is much like it must have been when our Lord lived and went up to it for the festivals. The present city has been entirely rebuilt several times since Jesus was on earth and it is further to the north. But as in His day it is full of merchants, traders, visitors, soldiers and the very religious. How many were aware back then that the pivotal event of all human history was taking place in their midst?

There would have been much gossip about a man who the leaders of the nation had sentenced to death. Who was he? Some claimed he was a prophet or even the Messiah. Then there were reports of strange occurrences with this man’s disciples. For most people life went on and continued to go on as if nothing significant had happened.

I do not know the day or hour of Jesus’ return. I do know within a few hundred yards the place to which He will come. In Jerusalem it is possible to look across to the Mount of Olives and reflect that soon, very soon, the next great pivotal event of all history will occur. Jesus Christ will return and place his feet on that mountain which will be split by an earthquake. He will come with His angels and the armies of heaven to rescue His chosen people. From that day on, the whole earth will be ruled by our Saviour. The seat of government for all the world will be Jerusalem.

Even in January Jerusalem is overflowing with visitors. The traders are hard at work seeking to lure you into their shops. The army is ever present, vigilant in case of trouble. The Western Wall is thronged with worshippers on Shabbat. There is bustle and activity. How many are aware that world events are pointing to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ? The restoration of Israel is in itself powerful evidence that the promised summer of our Lord’s reign is drawing near.

From the time that I took over Trumpet Sounds from my father, I have felt that the word which defines the purpose of the newsletter is ‘Watch’. This word summarises Jesus’ teaching on the events leading up to his return. To watch is to be ready. My first booklet which had the title ‘Watch’, is a reflection on what it means to ‘Watch’. I believe that the Lord has used it with several thousand copies circulated. It is still available from Trumpet Sounds.

The world goes about its business. The return of Christ will take it by surprise. “But you are not in darkness so that this day should over take you like a thief.”  Thessalonians 5: 4. That day will not overtake us like a thief if we are watching and ready. The world and even much of the church is unaware of the momentous times in which we live, but those who ‘watch’ recognise the signs.

Jesus said, “Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.” Matthew 24: 44. That statement tells me not to be dogmatic about the timing of His return. At what point in time Jesus comes is for the Father alone to decide. We are to prepare for a time of persecution and suffering while always living in the blessed hope of His appearing. Keep watching, keep serving so that when He returns we may be counted among the good and faithful servants.

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