Salafi Islam

The Spring 2011 edition of Trumpet Sounds carried an article on the Muslim Brotherhood. It looked at its history and explained why despite being persecuted by the state it had steadily gained in popularity. The article predicted that the Muslim Brotherhood was poised to fill the political vacuum left by the overthrow of Mubarak.

What was not foreseen at the time was the rise of an even more extreme brand of conservative Islam. The Salafi Al-noor party has gained about 25% of the popular vote in Egypt. They gained support by claiming that the Muslim Brotherhood who has been prepared to achieve its goals through political means was not being true to Islam. Continue reading

The Islamic Winter

Following the first three phases of the Egyptian elections the Muslim Brotherhood FJP party and even stricter Salafi Al-Noor party have gained a majority of seats in the lower house of parliament. At the time of writing taken together they have won 230 out of 322 seats. There are a few runoff elections still to take place which may change this total slightly. Continue reading