The Islamic Winter

Following the first three phases of the Egyptian elections the Muslim Brotherhood FJP party and even stricter Salafi Al-Noor party have gained a majority of seats in the lower house of parliament. At the time of writing taken together they have won 230 out of 322 seats. There are a few runoff elections still to take place which may change this total slightly.

The next round of elections, to be held on 29th January, will contest seats in the upper house, although 90 out of the 270 seats will be appointed by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.

The final round of the elections scheduled for the end of June will be for the President.  Tawfiq Okasha is one of the prospective candidates. He is a popular talk show host and owner of the Al Faraeen TV Channel, As we draw near the elections it will be interesting to follow how our somewhat blind media portrays him. I suspect he will be presented as a moderate candidate campaigning for a non religious state grounded in conservative Egyptian values. He supports a continuing role for the army and seeks to counter the influence of the Islamist parties.

On MEMRI there is a clip, with translation, from one of his shows. In it he informs the viewers that the global economy is dominated by a Jewish / Freemasonry conspiracy. Despite that he declares that not all Jews are totally evil. [I suppose that in the Middle East that does make him a moderate]. He divides Jews into a ratio of 60:40. Sixty percent range from evil to unspeakably evil. The other forty percent are evil but could be tolerated. Just a few are only a tiny bit evil. If he appeared on TV in the UK he would be rated as insane. He is in fact a strong contender to become President of Israel’s most powerful neighbour.