For Edification or Profit?

Rupert Murdock is a vastly rich international business man. He is currently rated as 117th richest person in the world. The Economist attributed to Murdoch the invention of the modern tabloid newspaper with its focus on sex, scandal and sport. This formula coupled with eye catching headlines enabled him to turn around a number of ailing newspapers. Over the years he has become the pre-eminent baron of the global news media.

For much of last year, following the News of the World phone hacking scandal, he and his son James were in the news. The scandal illustrated how the relentless drive for profit overruled scruples about personal privacy.

In October 2011 Harper Collins, a Murdoch company, purchased Bible and Christian book publishers Thomas Nelson. According to Christianity Today this purchase together with its previous acquisition of Zondervan places it in control of more than half of the Christian publishing market.

In 1798 Thomas Nelson started his publishing company in Scotland with the mission of placing good Christian books into the hands of ordinary folk throughout the United Kingdom. Will such a vision continue under the profit driven culture of News Corporation?