Newsletter 135 Spring 2020

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“Babylon is fallen, is fallen that great city, because she has made the nations drink the wine of the wrath of her fornication”. Revelation 14: 8.

The winter edition of Trumpet Sounds, number 134, anticipates two catastrophic events which will take place in this coming decade. One will be a global war, the other the fall of Babylon. That edition of Trumpet Sounds was written in January. At the time there was no hint of the mayhem in the global economy which would follow within a couple of months. The winter edition went on to explain a prophecy, found in the book of Daniel, which points to this decade, the 2020’s, being significant for the fulfilment of end time events.

Right on cue, within a few weeks of writing, Babylon, the kingdom of this world was engulfed in a major crisis. In response to a virus, nation after nation has shut down its economy. Governments in taking this action live in the hope that after the crisis their national economies will bounce back, debts will be minimised and tax revenues recover quickly.

In this edition

A Vain Hope

A Troublesome Virus

Corona Virus a Message to Mankind from the Creator

Christ the Victor

A Prophecy

After Covid-19

Together for the Nation

Extremist Jew Mourns Death of Arab Leader from Covid-19


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