Newsletter 137 Autumn 2020

“The night is far spent, the day is at hand. Therefore let us cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light.” Romans 13:12.

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Nearing the end


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Nearing the end

It is not the virus, but where the virus is leading which should concern us. The present pandemic, sent by God or manmade, is the beginning of judgment on the kingdom of this world.

There has been a flood of comment on the internet with regard to the present pandemic. Some of the comment has achieved millions of views. Assertions are being made that this virus is a hoax, it is no worse than flue, it was pre-planned and engineered, it is being used to open the way to global government, etc. I can listen to these ideas but I am not qualified to comment.

There are also issues over a possible vaccine. With any vaccine there are safety issues such as has it been rushed into production without proper testing. Also we have to ask is it ethical? This relates to how the vaccine has been developed and cultured. Then some claim, that there is malign intent behind the push to vaccinate the whole global population? Others fear that the vaccine will come with a vaccination passport, without which a person will continue to live under government restrictions.

It is not certain that an effective vaccine will be found. For years researchers have unsuccessfully tried to find a vaccine for the common cold which is often caused by another type of coronavirus.

There will of course be a vaccine. Too much money and effort has been invested for there not to be a vaccine. Governments need to be seen to be doing something. Questionable measures, like the wearing of face masks, result from this pressure to act. If the vaccine fails there is the readymade excuse that the virus has mutated into a new strain.

God hates Babylon

We must move from speculation to certainty. The key issue, overlooked by commentators, is God’s hatred of Babylon. That statement should be underlined many times. Such is God’s hatred of Babylon that the whole of heaven erupts in ear deafening praise when she is destroyed. We find this difficult to understand because we are generally very comfortable living in Babylon. We easily forget that “Friendship with the world is enmity with God”. James 4: 4.

One day Babylon will fall, that is certain. Babylon represents the kingdom of this world. She has grown rich through trade and surrounded herself in luxury. But we read, in Revelation 18, that she has become the dwelling place of demons and every foul spirit.

It is a kingdom which from its inception at the tower of Babel has been in opposition to the Kingdom of God. According to the Bible, Babylon has been responsible for the shedding of the blood of the prophets and saints and of all who were slain on the earth (Revelation 18: 24). God hates her for her violence. Like Sodom of old, her sins have reached up to heaven. God can no longer restrain His wrath. Her fall will make way for the final short lived kingdom of the beast.

We don’t need to be experts to observe that this pandemic is having a devastating effect on the global economy. Whether this pandemic is pre-planned, engineered or whatever else, it is being used by God to prepare the way for Babylon’s fall. It is I believe the beginning of His judgment on the world system which He hates. The final fall of Babylon will be brought about by the 10 nations which then give their kingdom to the beast (Revelation 17: 16 – 17).

We are not there yet but the weakening of the global economy is preparing the way for the whole system to be brought crashing down. We have witnessed how quick governments throughout the world have been to adopt totalitarian powers in the face of (dare I say it) a fairly minor crisis. How much more drastic will be their response when faced with total collapse.

The time is short. Are we ready?

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